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Bisabolol (alpha) Natural

Natural alpha-bisabolol is an optically active monocyclic, unsaturated sesquiterpene alcohol containing a minimum of 95% as active (-)-alpha-bisabolol isomer, derived via the distillation of Brazilian origin oil (while synthetic alpha-bisabolol is a racemic mixture of 85% (+)-alpha-bisabolol, or 42.5% as active (-)-alpha-bisabolol isomer, derived from the production of synthetic vitamin intermediates).

Key Benefits:

  • Natural alpha-bisabolol's anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-mycotic properties supports its' use in the formulation of skin care and skin protection products, oral-care preparations (toothpastes and mouth rinses) and wound-care ointments.
  • Natural alpha- bisabolol has good stability and compatibility with skin, unlike axulene or camomile oil.
  • Natural alpha-bisabolol is color stable after long storage periods and does not diffuse through plastic containers.